DOWNLOAD MP3: Amy Shark – Adore

DOWNLOAD MP3: Amy Shark - Adore
Amy Shark – Adore Mp3 Free Audio/Song Music Download

In a decade during which the contemplative, emotional lyricism of Lorde and Lana Del Rey is thriving, placing money on the future of Amy Shark would be a wise investment. In 2015, she gave the instructions, “Don’t be the boy that spits on girls, everybody hates that guy.” Shark isn’t providing new instructions now; she is putting a spotlight on a highly charged emotional time of life that’s common enough to be considered a rite of passage.

Ever been in a situation in which you’re so smitten with someone that an innocent brush of arms is powerfully exhilarating? If so, it will be easy to relate to Amy Shark’s “Adore.” The lyrics refer to those times that mean more than others realize – “I had a great night, cause you kept rubbing against my arm.” And the lyrics also reference the fantasy, “I want the entire street out of town, just so I can be alone with you.”


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