Free Glo Latest Unlimited Browsing For November 2017

’m back again with another free browsing on globacom Nigeria . This tweak is unlimited and blazing really good.

We all know that our data connection didn’t come up on glo except you had mb or airtime. But now ,the issue has Been reversed.


So if your data connection comes up without mb or airtime, then you’re good to go.

To activate it,You will need to follow my steps below.


DOWNLOAD Anonytun VPN from play store or skip this if you have it installed on your device already .

Then set it up like it is in my screenshot below.

Click on stealth settings and set it up like in this screenshot.

Click on edit custom TCP/http headers then set it up like the screenshot below

Then click on generate ,then save.

Go back to the app main activity screen and click on connect.. Wait for some seconds for it to connect.

NOTE – USE gloflat or glosecure as Phone APN